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Hey anyone I understand this is a stupid concern to part people but my friend said that he deserve to install a muffler because that me yet I to be wondering that if that did something wrong will it chaos anything up?
some mufflers room directional, if they are set up backwards they will either be quieter or loader then there sposto be, yet if that is a directional muffler there have to be an arrow for the flow.


Nope. The download would have to go nice darn wrong because that a muffler to chaos up the exhaust. Lol. As pointed out above just make sure you are putting it in, in the best direction, weld that up and enjoy. Girlfriend would have actually to shot pretty hard to screw the up.


No the won"t damage anything. I had a buddy v a "91 LX Mustang with among his Flowmasters installed backwards.Didn"t know until we mounted a brand-new cat-back.Actually appeared to have small to no effect.

THE automobile WILL SHAKE,CATCH FIRE,WHEELS fall OFF, and THEN blow UP. Lol nah simply may sound funny depending upon what brand. The circulation will prolly not be as good either.
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^^LOL, don"t mind Jellybean, He"s pulling your legEverything will be fine. If the is a cat-back exhaust, it would certainly be following to difficult to get it wrong. If the piping doesn"t look favor it fits, turn it approximately and shot again.
yea i know some mufflers room chambered to flow air in one direction prefer some flowmasters, your circulation may not be as great if set up wrong however no substantial sight effects
they dont yes, really sound great on a 4 cylinder come me, too ricey soundin, why not save money and pick increase a complete exhaust? the power gains and also sound will be far better with an yes, really exhaust
i prefer them simply not ~ above 4 cylinders, top top a v8 lock sound ok, that is your car man perform what friend think you will like
A "glasspack" is just a muffler with fiberglass mat around perforated piping. Assumption: v what Borla and Magnaflow mufflers use? The exact same thing. A glasspack will certainly be fine however it will certainly be pretty loud.

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^ ns knew the magna was a glass pack, assumed the focus borla to be a chambered....i prefer the magna and borla mufflers top top the focus anyway, the magna on mine zx3 to be excellent!
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