A white man who, for lot of the novel, Scout and most people in Maycomb believe is always drunk. He was an alleged to marry year ago, yet rumor has it the his fiancée cursed suicide when she learned the Mr. Raymond had actually a black color mistress. In the present, Mr. Raymond lives with his black color girlfriend and also has a variety of children with her. He speak to Scout and Dill when they step external of Tom Robinson’s trial due to the fact that Dill was upset by exactly how the solicitor cure Robinson. In ~ this time, he admits the he’s no a drinker—he drink Coca-Cola out of a bag but pretends that whiskey come give world a reason that renders sense come them regarding why he’d desire to live the means he does. He’s firm in his belief that all world deserve respect and dignity, no matter the color of their skin.

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The timeline listed below shows wherein the character Mr. Dolphus Raymond appears in To kill a Mockingbird. The colored dots and also icons show which themes are associated with that appearance.


...lunch, the children go downtown. The square is overfilled with civilization eating lunch. They clock Mr. Dolphus Raymond sitting with the black color people and also watch that drink the end of a paper bag—he has...(full context)

...mixed son is. Jem says they’re fifty percent black, fifty percent white, and also don’t fit in anywhere. Mr. Raymond sent two increase north. A happy black child skips by. Jem claims that he’s one...(full context)
...while black people want nothing to carry out with her due to the fact that she’s white. She’s not like Mr. Raymond , who can spend time with black people because he’s wealthy. Reconnaissance thinks the Tom...(full context)
...says it’s not best to speak to anyone that way. Scout and also Dill argue, however Mr. Raymond interrupts castle in support of Dill.(full context)
Mr. Raymond invites Dill to have a drink to clear up his stomach. Scout to know he’s evil and...

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(full context)
...that according to Atticus, cheating a black male is worse than cheating a white man. Mr. Raymond states that enlightenment will discover soon enough that Atticus no a regular man. That notes...(full context)
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