Kandy Johnson Isley is one American singer well-known for gift a member that JS (band) together with sister Kim Johnson. She is likewise known to be the wife of Ronald Isley who is one American record artist, songwriter, document producer, and also occasional actor.

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Early life

Kandy to be born in Los Angeles, California, united States, and also has 2 sisters, Krystal and also Kim Johnson. Every the three sisters have been passionate around singing and also songwriting native a really young age and even formed their own group. Kandy even pursued her education and learning in music and began singing professionally in 1989. Not much information is available concerning her parents and early life. After ~ graduating from high college Kandy enrolled it s her at mount St. Mary’s college in Emmitsburg, Maryland in 1995. In 1997, she completed graduation through a degree in music and communications.

Kandy Isley Career

JS stands for Johnson Sisters together sisters Kim, Krystal, and Kandy Johnson began singing together in church choirs adhered to by touring gospel artist such as Andrae Crouch and also Shirley Caesar. Krystal left the team after marrying Phillip Bailey of the R&B team Earth, Wind & Fire. The JS sister then began their singing career as they performed on us television mirrors such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Ally McBeal, sang together Barbra Streisand, supported Erykah Badu in concert, and also lent vocals to the theme tune from an additional US show, One World. Your talent consequently led them to the an alert of Isley Brothers as Ronald Isley believed of launching their very own recording career and also in 2001, the team signed with management of The Isley Brothers and also appeared on their Eternal (2001) and also Body Kiss (2003) albums.

In 2003, the JS duo exit their very own album called Ice Cream, which contained Ice Cream and also Love Angel. They even featured top top The Isley Brothers’ album human body Kiss in the single Busted. At the moment of the deaths of afri Americans Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and also George Floyd, Kandy and Kim came with each other to relax a new song titled cost-free which speaks to peace, healing, reconciliation, and love. In 2011, Kandy likewise served as a fashion and also beauty expert of Fox News wherein she tho is active. Kandy is still linked with the group JS, where her sisters Kim is also a member. Together they write and also compose their own songs.


There have actually been numerous rumors revolving approximately the singer and also her connection with Ronald Isley as many people thought their connection to it is in fake and even labeling Kandy as a gold digger as result of 35 years of gap between their relationship. However, Kandy has been constantly practical and reflected in a hopeful manner v all the rumors.

As evident from the reports, Kandy should be 43 year old and she’s been spending she time being the wife of Ronald Isley in spite of Ron’s imprisonment. Their marriage was for sure lavish as Ron spent much more than $3 million the his worth. This attracted dislike from the public as they thought she was married just for the bag of his wealth. Regardless of hatred and an unfavorable views from the people, she literally based those rumors in an interview. She said,

“He’s a GENTLEMEN! i mean, she talking around romance, the puts the ‘R’ in romance…from well dining, to dealing with a woman prefer a male should, with respect. As we emerged a relationship, we had actually a the majority of things in common and also Ronald…even though he’s older, he is young at heart.”

Kandy Isley Biography

Physical Statistics

Real NameKandy Johnson Isley
Birth DateFebruary 24, 1978
Age (as of 2021)43 Years
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
ProfessionActress, Vocalist
Sun signPisces

Marital StatusMarried
Is he/she a Lesbian-Gay?No
Who is she Husband?Ronald Isley (The Isley Brother)
ChildrenOne (Ronald Isley Jr.)

Personal life

Kandy met her husband Ronald Isley when she was stepping right into the music industry. Kandy and her sister, Kim’s group was under the monitoring of The Isley Brothers. In September 2005, the pair got married and in December 2007, the pair was blessed through a baby boy and named hello Ronald Isley Jr. With each other they reside in St. Luigi in Los Angeles. Ronald has actually been married and divorced twice before getting married come Kandy.

Social media

Kandy is energetic on plenty of social media platforms together a way to attach with she fans. She goes by the username
kandyisley top top Instagram and also has 17.9k followers. She also has a facebook page and also a not-so-active YouTube channel.

Kandy Isley network worth

Kandy has been a successful singer and songwriter and also has been energetic in the music industry since 2001. Though over there is no main information about her net worth, that is approximated that her net worth lies somewhere around $1 million us Dollars i beg your pardon she has actually made with her experienced music career. Except this, she husband, Ronald Isley’s net worth is approximated to be about $3 million united state Dollars.


Kandy Johnson Isley is one American singer and also songwriter from Los Angeles.She is a member that the sister duo team JS.Initially, as much more and more people started noticing the sister’s vocal talent, they led to further performances in ~ weddings, banquets, purchase malls, and also talent shows.Ronald and Kandy have 35 year of gap between their age.At the time of Kandy’s pregnancy, Ronald remained in jail.She is a fashion and beauty experienced on Fox News because 2011.

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