This recent e-mailwe got took our breath awayand us just had actually toshare. You recognize those commercials we love come hate, the rug commercials v the busty, backward-walking bundle the energy? We’ll, the media will have the chance totravel "behind the scenes" to obtain up close and personal with the star, Jamie Simpson, and also the production crew together they film a new commercial. Exciting, no?

We like Jamie. Yet we don’t like how she yells at united state sometimes. And also how we watch her favor every 30 seconds during the regional news broadcasts. But there’s no doubt the these commercials work-related – they stick in her mind like chewing gum in shag carpet. According to the press release below, much more than 5 million people have seen Jamie perform her thing. Damn!

We doubt we’ll actually get inside this incredible event. Yet if anyone gets any kind of photos, please send them our way. We’d love to share, to view what it really takes come talk and walk backwards among giant hanging carpets.

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Behind The Scenes with Rug & Home and Jamie Simpson

Media work March 22nd 11:30 to be – 1:30 pm in ~ Rug & residence of Asheville

Media work March 23rd 11:30 to be – 1:30 pm in ~ Rug & residence of Gaffney

Rug & home TV advertising have become renown together the speak of the Carolinas, Georgia, eastern Tennessee and also Southwestern Virginia. These fast-paced, riveting commercials room even much more discussed than those of the Super-Bowl. Indigenous Columbia to the Tri-Cities in Tennessee and Virginia, indigenous Charlotte to Greenville, Spartanburg, and Asheville, nearly 5 million viewers have actually watched this commercials over the previous 3 years, causing a full of practically 300 million gun impressions.

Rug & house won the reputation "National Rug Retailer of the Year" compensation in July 2005. Additionally, Rug & house was featured in a three-page short article in the southerly Living, and was #69 in businessman Magazine and also Dunn & Bradstreet’s "Hot 100 brand-new Businesses in the Country" in 1999. Profession publications Rug News & Rug Insider have featured the save in headlining articles in the previous six months as well.

For Jamie Simpson, the "Rug Gal", the Rug & home commercials were her first TV commercial debut, and also since then she has come to be the most known spokesperson in the city hall area. From auto dealers to furniture retailers, everyone desires their TV spots come look choose the Rug & residence commercials. "Jamie was picked native a dozen applicants," claims Rakesh Agarwal, CEO the Rug & Home. "Jamie’s youthfulness and wealth of energy is what convinced us she was the perfect selection for our commercial concept," added Mr. Agarwal.

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In addition to request from many area businesses and also organizations for Jamie’s presence, she has additionally done some promotional spots for the Charlotte Bobcats and Charter Media.

For the first time ever, Rug & home is opening the filming and production conference of that is TV commercials come the media. This is a unique opportunity to take trip behind the scenes with Rug & Home’s production team and Jamie Simpson to display an interested windy what goes right into the make of this illustrious commercials.