Walker, Texas Rangerdefined "90s television and also gave us the martial arts experienced we never knew we necessary -- Chuck Norris. Also years after ~ the show ended its 8-season operation on CBS, fans still love the town hall reruns and also seeing Norris uphold the legislation in the Lone Star state.

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Longtime fans of the TV display have even an ext to it is in excited about because a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot is right now in the works on the CW starring Supernatural star Jared Padalecki as the titular character. Though the original present was based in the Dallas area, the new show will be offering the famous character a few upgrades and transforming locales, basing the brand-new Walker in Austin, Texas (coincidentally where Padalecki stays in genuine life).

Here"s what all of your favourite Walker, Texas Ranger cast members have been increase to due to the fact that the original display wrapped in 2001.

1. Chuck Norris

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Norris starred in the action series as Cordell Walker, that came back for the TV movie Walker, Texas Ranger: attempt by Fire. In the "70s, Norris trained celebrities in martial arts, which aided him break right into Hollywood and also become an unforeseen sensation. Norris has continued acting end the years, showing up in numerous TV series including Hawaii Five-0 and The Goldbergs,as well as feature films choose DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story and also The Expendables 2. We deserve to only hope that the lover star shows up in a cameo in the new series!

2. Clarence Gilyard Jr


James Trivette to be Walker"s partner on the show and a previous Dallas Cowboys player. Gilyard had already known a point or two around being a right-hand male after playing Conrad McMasters opposite Andy Griffith ~ above Matlock prior to starring top top Walker, Texas Ranger. Gilyard walk on to show up in Left Behind: The Movie, Chasing Shakespeare, Christmas ~ above the Coast, and also The Perfect Race.

3. Sheree J. Wilson


Assistant ar Attorney Alex Cahill theatre Walker"s love attention who eventually becomes his wife. Other than playing Alex, Wilson is additionally well-known because that her function as April Stevens Ewing on the soap opera Dallas. Wilson has since appeared in a stage manufacturing of Driving miss Daisy and numerous TV films including A country Christmas, A Mermaid for Christmas, and Anna"s Storm.

4. Noble Willingham

#NobleWillingham was a teacher prior to he do his acting debut at period 40 in #TheLastPictureShow (1971)! ⠀ ⠀ see him top top #WalkerTexasRanger — 12p–4p ET on #

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Retired Texas Ranger Captain CD Parker is Walker"s old buddy, who frequently comes aid his old friend also though he owns a bar in ft Worth. Willingham is recognizable from his previous functions on City Slickers and also numerous TV series. Though Walker, Texas Ranger was his critical TV appearance, he was in a pair more films before he passed far in 2004 -- southern of Heaven, West of Hell and Blind Horizon.

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5. Nia Peeples

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In the show"s final seasons, Sydney Cooke joins as a rookie Ranger assisting Walker. Peeples has actually been a TV continuous over the years appearing in The Young and the Restless, Pretty small Liars, Longmire, and also The Fosters.

6. Judson Mills

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Francis Gage was another rookie Ranger who joins the team in the critical two seasons of the show. Mills has since appeared in The X-Files, crossing Jordan, CSI: Miami, saving Grace, Bones, and also Notorious.

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7. Floyd Red crow Westerman

#FloydRedCrowWesterman (1936–2007) would have actually been 83 today.⠀ ⠀ The #NativeAmerican actor/singer appeared in movies prefer #DancesWithWolves (1990) and also TV shows favor #TheXFiles⠀ ⠀ see him as Uncle ray Firewalker on #WalkerTexasRanger— 8p ET ~ above #getTV. What else perform you remember the from?

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Ray Firewalker to be Walker"s paternal uncle, who increased him after his parents to be murdered. After season 2, ray disappears and also later we discover out that he pass away. Westerman to be born on the Lake Traverse Indian reservation in southern Dakota and was a passionate activist for aboriginal Americans in our country. He had previously played "Chief Ten Bears" in Dances with Wolves and also had likewise had a successful country music job collaborating through the likes the Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. He went on to publication roles in The X-Files, Baywatch Nights, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and Dharma & Greg prior to passing away from leukemia in 2007.

8. Jimmy Wlcek

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Trent Malloy to be a previous karate college student of Walker"s who commonly teamed up v him and also Trivette to work-related cases. Comparable to Norris, he was also naturally an extremely skilled in martial art in genuine life as well as on the show. Wlcek has actually since showed up on JAG, The Division, Blackout, zero on the Mesaand The Sector.

9. Marco Sanchez

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Carlos Sandoval to be a detective because that the Dallas PD and also Trent"s best friend. Carlos additionally appeared top top the spin-off series, young of Thunder. Sanchez has since had a stable TV career appearing on a variety of shows including Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, NCIS, MacGyver, and also more.