Apple has created a Christmas advertisement featuring Stevie Wonder to sing a variation of his very own 1967 festive hit, "Someday in ~ Christmas", in addition to soul singer Andra Day.

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The ad sees the musician at home, setup up the GarageBand recording routine on his Macbook v the help of VoiceOver, an ease of access tool for the blind.

He"s then joined by Andra Day,who breaks right into "Someday at Christmas" and the 2 sing together, surrounding by family, fairy lights and all the trappings that Christmas.

The ad is noticeably devoid of to apologize products, with Stevie Wonder"s Macbook in shooting for just six secs of the full ad, i m sorry lasts around 1.5 minutes. As has concerned be legacy with Apple"s Christmas ads, the clues treads a fine line in between feel-good and schmaltz.

Last year"s emotive ad, "The Song", experienced a young girl recreate a version of an old record provided from her grandfather to her grandmother, however had a heavier focus on Apple"s very own products. The brand"s initiative from 2013, "Misunderstood", confirmed a teenager capturing his family members Christmas on one iPhone, v the device a main focus the the ad.

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