The period of Shakespeare to be a an excellent time in English history. The power of Queen Elizabeth i (1558-1603) saw England arise as the top naval and commercial strength of the west world. England consolidated its place with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, and Elizabeth firmly created the Church the England begun by her father, King Henry VIII (following Henry"s conflict with the Pope over having his an initial marriage annulled).

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Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world and also became the most celebrated English sea captain of his generation. Sir Humphrey Gilbert and also Sir Walter Raleigh sent colonists eastward looking for profit. Europe wars carried an flow of continental refugees into England, exposing the englishman to new cultures. In trade, might, and art, England established an envious preeminence.

At this time, London to be the love of England, showing all the vibrant features of the Elizabethan Age. This environment made London a leading facility of society as well as commerce. Its dramatists and poets were amongst the top literary artists of the day. In this heady environment, Shakespeare lived and also wrote.

London in the 16th century underwent a transformation. Its population grew 400% during the 1500s, swelling to virtually 200,000 world in the city proper and outlying region by the time an immigrant indigenous Stratford came to town. A rising vendor middle class sculpted out a abundant livelihood, and the economic climate boomed.

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In the 1580s, the writings of the college Wits (Marlowe, Greene, Lyly, Kyd, and also Peele) defined the London theatre. Despite grounded in medieval and also Jacobean roots, these men produced brand-new dramas and comedies making use of Marlowe"s styling of empty verse. Shakespeare outdid castle all; he linked the best traits of Elizabethan drama with classical sources, enriching the admixture through his imagination and wit.

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