Hello there! This is another installment in our recurring series, Tim’s cover Story Goes to The Movies. This week us will comment on the song Smokin’ In the guys Room, one that the great ‘bad boy’ songs.

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We will very first direct our fist to the initial version by Brownsville Station. Next, us will comment on the movie Rock and also Roll High School, whereby this song was featured. We will certainly then review covers that this song by Motley Crue and by LeAnn Rimes.

Brownsville Station and Smokin’ In The boys Room:

The tape Brownsville station was developed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1969. Their leader and lead vocalist was Cub Koda. Other initial members of the tape were guitarist Mike Lutz, bassist Tony Driggins and also drummer T.J. Cronley.

Here is a photo of Brownsville station circa 1970. Indigenous L: T.J. Cronley; Cub Koda; Tony Driggins.

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Initially Brownsville Station concentrated on covers of songs from bands that inspired them. Castle were specifically focused on ‘roots’ rockers such together Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and also Jerry Lee Lewis. However, lock soon started writing their own material.

The song Smokin’ In the boys Room was co-written through Mike Lutz and Cub Koda. It was at first released on the band’s 1973 album Yeah! The tune defines a group of high school boys that are identified not to get recorded while break the rules by smoking in school.

The song starts with one intro by lead vocalist Cub Koda. Koda addresses the listener and also promises come share few of the wisdom that has soaked up from his time in school. “How friend doin’ the end there? Ya ever seem to have one of those days whereby it simply seems choose everybody’s gettin’ on your case? From your teacher all the means down come your finest girlfriend? Well, ya know, I offered to have ’em just about all the time. But I discovered a way to get out that ’em; allow me tell you around it.”

Koda then launches right into the song.

Sitting in the classroom, thinking it’s a drag Listening to the teacher rap, just ain’t mine bag. The noon bell rings, you know that’s mine cue I’m gonna accomplish the boys on floor number two!

Smokin’ in the boys’ room Smokin’ in the boys’ room Now, teacher, don’t you to fill me up v your rules but everybody knows the smokin’ ain’t allowed in school.

Checkin’ the end the halls, makin’ sure the coast is clear Lookin’ in the stalls, “No, over there ain’t nobody here!” my buddy Fang, and also me and also Paul to get caught would surely be the fatality of united state all.

Smokin’ In the boys Room ended up being one the the iconic bad boy’ tunes. A salute to teenage anarchy — copping a smoke when holed increase in a high college toilet — resonated v young men across the country. The irreverent perspective celebrated in Smokin’ In The boys Room became an anthem for rebellious teenagers.

The song rose to #3 top top the Billboard warm 100 charts in ~ the beginning of 1974, and it additionally hit #3 on the Canadian playlists. Smokin’ In The guys Room walk on to sell over two million records. The hit pushed Brownsville terminal to stardom, and also for a brief while the guys cashed in on your newfound fame.

So here is Brownsville terminal in a live performance of Smokin’ In The boys Room.

This took location on a Midnight one-of-a-kind broadcast; I think that that aired in at an early stage 1974. Cub Koda rocks away on command guitar and also lead vocals. Koda is viewed in his trademark large round glasses, while he sports a shirt reminiscent of a Footlocker shoe keep employee. Meanwhile, Tony Driggins thumps away on the base while drummer T.J. Cronley keeps time for the band.

Alas, Brownsville Station never really re-captured the magic of their one huge hit. Return they put seven songs on the Billboard hot 100 singles, no other solitary record scored in the top 20.

In 1977, the team released a song called The Martian Boogie. That was frequently played ~ above “The Dr. Demento Show,” a weekly radio regime that featured weird and unusual melody (and to be the show that very first made weird Al Yankovic famous). However, Martian Boogie stalled the end at #59 top top the Billboard pop charts.

The team issued their last album in 1978 and also disbanded in 1979. After that, Cub Koda front a couple of other bands, but then ended up being best well-known for his contributions to absent music history.

Koda had a famed collection of ‘roots’ absent music such as doo-wop, rockabilly and the blues. He to be a continual contributor to the AllMusic Guide.He likewise wrote a renowned column (“The Vinyl Junkie”) because that Goldmine magazine and also co-authored the publication Blues for Dummies. In addition, he held The Cub Koda Crazy show for Massachusetts radio station WCGY throughout a duration in the at an early stage 80s.

Cub Koda passed away of liver disease in July 2000; he to be 51 years old. However, Koda’s outsize personality and also ‘wild man’ image were inspirations come some later on artists such together Alice Cooper, and Peter wolf of the J. Geils Band.

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The movie Rock and also Roll High School:

The 1979 movie Rock and also Roll High School was developed by roger Corman, the king the the low-budget film, and directed by Allen Arkush. Listed below left is a promotional poster for that movie.