Yo! finally exams are over and also now ns have an ext time come spend right here :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: this particular day I"d favor to talk about a topic that caught my attention only recently or, better, only recently I"ve made part research about it. Guess: v what? It"s blood type. Due to the fact that I gained into anime, analysis characters" profile, I"ve always wandered "why room blood varieties always specified? So the I recognize if I have the right to do a blood transfusion v my favourite character?!". Ns couldn"t recognize :joy: Then some months earlier I uncovered that, follow to a theory, blood types and personality are connected :scream: This belief it"s pretty famous in Japan and Asian countries in general, probably an ext than zodiac signs! native what I"ve read, more than 2/3 the Japan populace believe the blood type influence personality (not determines, influences). It"s so famed that was even made an anime v the blood varieties as character. Ns recommend friend to check it out since it"s hilarious :joy: The title is "KETSUEKIGATA-KUN". Few of the snapshot used in this blog originates from that anime.

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In this blog we"ll check out the theory and also the blood kind of part Naruto characters, in order to discover of there is a relationship. I divided the blog in five main parts: an initial four species and critical conclusion. Each ar which talks around a details type, is split in 2 parrs: description and also info and also observations about that type in Naruto, with a list of the characters of that type. Alongside the personalities that reflect the personality the their form (according to my opinion), I placed a :heavy_check_mark:


If friend don"t know your blood type, you can try THIS TEST based upon personality. The results incorporate some Kpop (I think...), yet mostly they define the form you got.

In situation you are interested, ns leave a graphic through the distribution of blood varieties in some countries.



FOR much more INFO examine THIS >

:heavy_minus_sign: form A :heavy_minus_sign:


Hinata again

Type A is the second most commo type. Ndividuals with type A blood placed others first. They prefer listening rather than talking and also are usually an excellent friends. Lock aren"t so great at expressing their very own emotions – they’d much rather bottle points up and cater come the requirements of others. For this aspect, they are prone to depression and anxiety.

They are sensitive and analytic perfectionist.

They typically possess motherly qualities and also like to take activity when things are obtaining out the hand. As worry and care a lot around others, yet sometimes they go overboard and worry too much, which could hinder you from completing particular tasks. They additionally worry about how people view them and also get carried away thinking about other people"s opinions. As like order and also sometimes get obsessive about organization.

Type A people excel as accountants, librarians, attorneys, economists and also writers. In love, they are most compatible through other species A or AB

GOOD TRAITS: gentle, creative, reserved, patient, responsible

BAD TRAITS: Earnest, fastidious, stubborn, tense



Hinata Hyuga :heavy_check_mark:

Baki :heavy_check_mark:

Shisui Uchiha :heavy_check_mark:

Izumi Uchiha :heavy_check_mark:

Nagato Uzumaki :heavy_check_mark:

Tobirama Senju (2nd Hokage) :heavy_check_mark:

Hiruzen Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) :heavy_check_mark:

Kakuzu :heavy_check_mark:

Rock Lee :heavy_check_mark:

Yamato Tenzo :heavy_check_mark:

Rin Nohara :heavy_check_mark:

9 personalities and all of them reflect their blood type. Specific characters reflects much more one aspect and also another one another. For instance Tobirama and also Hiruzen aren"t definitely shy, but the "seek because that order" part appeals come them, probably additionally because of their function of Hokage. The exact same for Kakuzu (except the Hokage component :joy: ). In specific Tobirama (who is likewise stubborn): simply think about how many institutions he presented in order to make the leaf village much more organised. Besides Kakuzu and also Tobirama are likewise perfectionists, i m sorry is a usual A"s trait. Shisui, instead, is the gentle and also responsible type of A. Basically, Tobirama has all the an adverse A"s traits, while Shisui all the great ones. -> Uchiha 1 - Senju 0 :sunglasses:

Just jocking :joy: still the most stereottypical A is Hinata! Shy, reserved, deep cares around others and worried around what others may think of her. Absolutely a good listeners and not good at express her very own emotions. She took about ten years to confess she true feelings come Naruto and, before that, she fainted practically every time she witnessed him. As well as she is also kind, responsible and also patient. For example she trained difficult in stimulate to shot and with the level the Neji and also Hanabi, indications both that responsibility and also patience.

:heavy_minus_sign: kind B :heavy_minus_sign:


Naruto dattebayo

It"s the second least common form and additionally my type. Those with form B blood space what you’d speak to extroverts. Like type A individuals, they do for good friends and also listeners. They may have small problem to express their very own emotions too and they placed themselves first when necessary.

They are opinionated, optimistic, and independent. B favor to to express themself in every way possible also if it means to hurt rather while doing it. Castle have an excellent concentration, yet are additionally lazy. They are easygoing and also bright, however have problems to regulate their anger. Bs favor to be the facility of attention and have a keen sense in knowing how to become that center. I"d speak to them the "drama queens" :joy:

Type B people are very tuned to body language and can read others very intuitively. Due to the fact that of this, they do for great psychiatrists, detectives and journalists. In love, they get along well through B and AB.

GOOD TRAITS: wild, a doer, cheerful, creative, passionate, strong, like animals, rebel

BAD TRAITS: selfish, irresponsible, erratic


Naruto Uzumaki :heavy_check_mark:

Minato Namikaze :heavy_check_mark:

Kushina Uzumaki :heavy_check_mark:

Hashirama Senju :heavy_check_mark:

Tsunade Senju :heavy_check_mark:

Gai Maito :heavy_check_mark:

Hidan :heavy_check_mark:

Ten Ten :heavy_check_mark:

Ino Yamanaka (idk)

Kankuro :heavy_check_mark:

Kiba Inuzuka :heavy_check_mark:

Konohamaru Sarutobi :heavy_check_mark:

Zetsu (AB)

Utakata (idk)

Jiraya :heavy_check_mark:

Shikaku Nara (idk)

Choji Akimichi :heavy_check_mark:

Choza Akimichi (idk)

Chiyo (idk)

So plenty of B in Naruto :joy: four of them space Hokage (Let"s go B :punch: :sunglasses: ). Well, it"s also possible that many characters whose kind I didn"t inspect are A, ab or 0, for this reason that, eventually, over there are much more A, abdominal muscle or 0 in the Naruto universe.

Next to certain names I put "idk"; it means that i don"t think they are B yet I don"t understand which other kind they might be according to their personality. If in the brachets there"s an additional type, it way I think that character fits better that kind (or, better, viceversa).

One the Bs" an adverse traits is the fact that their are selfish. I personally don"t think it"s true for countless of those Naruto characters, except...Hidan? uneven the reality that one Hokage has to "sacrifice" those next to him/her in bespeak to safeguard the village is selfish, choose Boruto practically said in illustration 12. Instead all of them or nearly every one of them are creative and passionate: Jiraya has written books, Naruto has actually invented the Rasenshuriken, Minato has perfectioned the fly of the Thunder God Thecnique, Kankuro fights utilizing puppets, i beg your pardon are thought about a form of art. Then the majority of them room extroverts and many irresponsible (Naruto, Kiba, Konohamaru,...).

If friend noticed, every Minato"s family members is B and also there space no B Uchiha (so sad :"( ).

:heavy_minus_sign: kind AB :heavy_minus_sign:


This is the rarest and most spirituality of every blood types. People with this kind of blood are also really rational and level-headed. Lock are excellent at planning and also organizing. Kind AB individuals tend come over-produce hormones like adrenaline, top to very high and also intense moods. Castle excel in public relations and managerial and also educational positions.

They are a mix the both blood kind A and also B, hot and cold, sensitive and also heartless. Most of the time they are considered to be life in their very own world. They see things in an initial way. Return ABs don"t intended to get noticed, they obtain noticed quiet for your their anticonformosm. They favor to carefully arrangement things out once they are offered a task and don"t prefer to take it risks; well, generally.

They obtain along well through all the types.

GOOD TRAITS: cool, controlled, rational, adaptable but additionally idealistical and also sensitive

BAD TRAITS: critical, indecisive, forgetful


Sasuke Uchiha :heavy_check_mark:

Shikamaru Nara :heavy_check_mark:

Gaara :heavy_check_mark:

Shino Aburame :heavy_check_mark:

Sasori :heavy_check_mark:

Kisame :heavy_check_mark:

Deidara (0)

Karin Uzumaki (A)

Kabuto Yakushi :heavy_check_mark:

Kurenai :heavy_check_mark:

This type has pretty interesting characters too and also most of their personalities reflect that of their blood type. Karin and Deidara, hover, are two exceptions. Over there are many adjectives, however I wouldn"t specify neither Karin nor Deidara as rational and controlled. For example Karin obsession over Sasuke is practically a sign of emotionally dependency, and certainly not one of a cool personality; Deidara, is obsessed end his art, and his obsession has actually signs of emotional dependency also :joy: out of jokes, castle both often tend to overreact and act impulsively, evem if it"s true, at the very least for Deidara, the they "think in an initial way" and "live in their very own world".

On the various other hand, all the others are an excellent examples of just how ABs personality is (always according to the theory), and also Shikamaru in particular, due to the fact that he, together a great AB, has actually traits in usual with both As and Bs. He is yes, really intelligent and able come organise a plan, based on the members the the team as well as other circumstances, together the opponent; he appears cold (for example, in Boruto illustration 13 he says he thinks it"s much better to kill Sumire) but deeply cares about his friends and family; he is capable of staying accumulated even in complicated situations (ex. Hidan and also Kakuzu"s arc).

:heavy_minus_sign: type O :heavy_minus_sign:


This is the most usual blood type and Masashi Kishimoto"s type. Form O crave power. They’re an extremely competitive and tend come focus more on making development than do friends. Because of this, castle are really proficient in leadership positions.

They excel as accountants, politicians, businessmen and women and therapists.

They space active, curious, independent, and confident. 0s like to win. Once they commit to something, they are focused, but also lose attention quickly. 0s choose to become the hero the the situation, particularly when someone they care about needs help. They are mostly considered as the leader the the group. They are expressive and emotional yet they tend to not hold any kind of grudges against anyone simply due to the fact that they choose to move on.

GOOD TRAITS: agreeable, controlled, optimist, confident, strong-willed

BAD TRAITS: vain, careless, cold, doubtful, workaholic


A (Raikage) :heavy_check_mark:

Kakashi Hatake :heavy_check_mark:

Sakura Haruno :heavy_check_mark:

Temari :heavy_check_mark:

Madara Uchiha :heavy_check_mark:

Obito Uchiha

Izuna Uchiha :heavy_check_mark:

Asuma :heavy_check_mark:

Konan :heavy_check_mark:

Yahiko :heavy_check_mark:

Neji Hyuga :heavy_check_mark:

This group includes personalities with pretty various personalities, however it"s the kind 0 that has actually various traits, even contradictory, probably since it"s the most common type. Details characters, together Madara, desires to get an ext power, others" strongest aim is help others, as boy Obito, while rather would execute anything because that those lock love, together Obito (again), Sakura (would perform anything for Sasuke), Kakashi, Neji ( // because that Hinata), Asuma ( // because that Kurenai). Anyway they all have actually something in common: determination. Simply name among them that has offered up!

:heavy_minus_sign: relationships :heavy_minus_sign:

Scheme above XD

Another interesting aspect we should take into consideration is the relationship between types. Below I"ll make part example around how details couples yes, really fit the "scheme" above + various other observations. If over there isn"t a mix it"s since I wasn"t able to uncover a far-ranging one.

A + B

- Hinata and also Naruto

Hinata conserved Naruto 2 times: one against Pain and also one throughout the fourth GNW (causing, in a particular sense, Neji"s death).

- Hidan and also Kakuzu

Another element of the A + B relationship that isn"t listed here, is the fact that B may make A worry due to the fact that of his/her behaviour. An episode that come in to my mind is when Kakuzu """"scolds"""" Hidan since he just thinks around rituals and also doesn"t care around their work-related (getting money).

0 + A

- Neji and also Hinata. Simply a couple of to say: Neji sacrificed his life because that Hinata.

A + AB

- Shisui and Itachi. Also if it would be an ext correct, in this case, "AB have the right to safely count on A", hey are surely a stable pair and a good team.

- Itachi and also Izumi. Because that what we know, i think they space a an excellent example that A + abdominal pair. Izumi started to relay on Itachi as soon as he saved her throughout the ripe tails attack, for this reason the very first statement is true. The second one too due to the fact that they to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

B + AB

- Naruto and also Sasuke, Naruto and also Gaara.

The blood form explains why NaruSasu and NaruGaara are much better couples 보다 NaruHina :joy:

B + 0

- Naruto and Sakura

- Hashirama and also Madara

- Orochimaru and Kabuto

This photo explains yes, really well just how deep the relationship in between Madara and Hashirama is: Madara phone call Hashirama once he requirements help, together a true friend :+1:


- Sasori and also Deidara

They aren"t enemies yet not also friends. They are rivals. They have actually an the contrary vision the art and use techniques that express it also (or perhaps it"s the contrary: they arisen their vision that art based on their techniques...uhm...).

0 + AB

I don"t know if it"s a coincidence, but reasonably many canon couples are 0 + AB: ShikaTema, Asuma and also Kurenai, SasuSaku.

:heavy_minus_sign: :eight_pointed_black_star: :eight_pointed_black_star: :eight_pointed_black_star: :heavy_minus_sign:

All the said, ns think the Masashi closely chose his characters" blood type.

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The theory which related blood varieties to personality is really interesting to me, however I don"t think it"s "true", because it has actually no scientific explanation however it"s mostly based upon statistics.

What execute you think instead? does your form matches v your personality? If not, which type do you relate the most to?