Before Kim Kardashian"s currently defunct marital relationship to rapper Kanye West, the "Keeping Up through the Kardashians" star had actually quite the dating history that had some other well known gentlemen. While Kim married West, together with music producer Damon Thomas and also professional basketball player Kris Humphries, it"s her partnership with former professional football star Reggie shrub that stands over the rest.

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The Skims founder and also Bush an initial got together in 2007 and continued to day on and off for 3 years till 2010. Fans of "Keeping Up through the Kardashians" obtained to clock their partnership unfold in the beforehand seasons that the fact show. If they were dating, bush would no only appear on the E! collection from time come time, but one totality episode was even committed to Kim law a sexy photoshoot to do him a calendar. In 2008, the beauty mogul dished to world that the 2 were talking around marriage. She gushed, "I think I finally made the ideal choice. He"s simply a yes, really sweet, common guy."

While the now-former pair eventually broke things off, shrub was reportedly still pinning because that Kim a year later on in 2011, as soon as she was engaged to Humphries. A resource revealed to web page Six, "He to be begging she to speak to off the wedding — and give him an additional chance." A friend also suggested, "She was burned by the finish of their relationship, and she"s truly relocated on." for this reason if bush was quiet after Kim, why walk the two break increase in the first place?


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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and also former NFL player Reggie bush were once the fan-favorite pair in the at an early stage seasons of the E! collection "Keeping Up v the Kardashians." Yet together Kim to be launching into stardom, she apparently had less time come be through Bush, which reprtedly added to their split. A resource told web page Six in 2010, "Kim is continuous traveling and working and doesn"t have actually any complimentary time... They flourished apart."

Yet Amber Rose, who"s also an ex-girlfriend that Kim"s ex-husband Kanye West, declared that the KKW founder was cheating top top Bush. She dished come Star (via Radar Online), "Kim is among the main reasons why me and Kanye space not together. She"s a homewrecker!" She continued, "They to be both cheating top top me and Reggie with each other." However, it shows up that Kim and Bush left points on great terms, even if they"re no much longer friendly. In 2018, bush told united state Weekly, "We don"t keep in touch," but added, "She"s doing a an excellent job creating a brand because that herself, her and her family. I"m happy for "em ... She"s an extremely smart."

Bush eventually moved on v wife Lilit Avagyan, who fans have long argued looks a lot choose Kim. The pair shares three children. The course, Kim went on come marry she now-ex West, with whom she shares 4 children. Yet we can"t aid but wonder if Reggie to be truly the one who acquired away.