Alec Keon inquiry the nude Scientists:Chris,I to be a new listener and also serious fan of the podcast! i was wonder if the team can enlighten me regarding why farting while bathing/in the shower head smells distinctly different and considerably worse than constant atmospheric gas-passing.Thanks!AlecWhat execute you think?

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Perhaps at other times your garments do a tiny filtering. Do you have trousers (US = pants) impregnated v charcoal?

Ha,ha,ha,haaaa..................I just love the gif Don..., and around the charcoal thing: probably the stink is not comming from a fart yet from something rather which the trousers are impregnated with?What provides sperm smell? deserve to a Vasectomy readjust sperm odour?

Started by Karen W.Board Physiology & Medicine

Replies: 27Views: 97969What is the "speed the smell"? What governs the price at i beg your pardon odours travel?

Started by paul.frBoard basic Science

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