Testimony come the board of directors on the advancement of Women and also Minorities in Science, Engineering, and technology Development. Committee on the Diversity the the engineering Workforce.Wm. A. WulfPresidentNational Academy that EngineeringJuly 20, 1999Best Practices: What employer initiatives for arising the careers of female, black, Hispanic, and also American Indian scientists, engineers, and technicians... Have actually proved to it is in the ideal practices at the entrance level? in ~ mid-career?Organization:National Academy that EngineeringContacts:Dr. Wm. A. Wulf, PresidentMs. Victoria P. Friedensen, regimen OfficerNational Academy the EngineeringThe national Academies2101 constitution Ave., NWWashington, DC 20418202/334-3201, 202/334-1605wwulf

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My comment will emphasis on females in engineering. Numerous of the issues I will certainly raise apply to other underrepresented groups in engineering. However, the altoalsimce.org"s diversity program is most advanced with respect come women, and so ns will focus on them. I will say much more a little bit later about our wider plans.The nationwide Academy of engineering (altoalsimce.org) is one honorary company of outstanding engineers. Together with the national Academy of Sciences and the institute of Medicine, we operate under a charter indigenous the U.S. Congress that offers us the duty of advising the commonwealth government, whenever referred to as upon, on matters of science, engineering, and also health. The nationwide Academy of Engineering additionally sponsors programs aimed at meeting nationwide needs, encouraging education and research, and also recognizing the superior accomplishments of engineers.The altoalsimce.org believes that diversity in the science, engineering, and technical labor force is critical, and we are pertained to with the absence of diversity in the design workforce. Engineering is one of those professions the materially influence the quality of life of every human being in society. Come the extent that engineering lacks diversity, that is impoverished. It is no able to engineer and also it could. Due to the fact that the products and processes we produce are minimal by the life experiences of the workforce, the ideal solutionthe elegant solutionmay never ever be considered due to the fact that of the lack!Women today comprise less 보다 20 percent of college student enrolled in engineering, on average, and comprise much less than 9 percent the the engineering workforce. (1) this percentages space much better than they to be 25 year ago. The center to late 1970s witnessed dramatic rises in women’s enrollment in design school and entry right into the workforce. Undergraduate enrollment and also workforce entries continued to increase slowly but steadily v the 1980s to the mid-1990s. But the gains have actually slowed and in some techniques have plateaued or declined. The palliation in benefit are more serious in light of the fact that the full numbers that young ladies enrolled in colleges and universities and graduating with levels have been increasing steadily the past 10 years. In various other words, when the total variety of all young ladies graduating college and also entering the workforce has risen in the last decade, the "market share" of young women who have come to be engineers in the last five years has actually decreased. (2)Many local, innovative, and inspiring efforts to recruit, retain, and development women in design have to be developed, have matured, and born fruit. The number of programs and the professionals who staff those programs have actually been growing in numbers and effectiveness. Campaigns such together Purdue University’s ladies in design Program, the Steven’s Institute’s Lor-el Center, and Arizona State University’s females in design program are among some the the most successful. Programs choose these re-publishing lessons they have actually learned with smaller sized or less developed efforts, helping encourage and support women design students about the country. Various other programs, such as MentorNet and also the women in technology International, administer communication and also support to students and working engineers. Yet, even with this programs, the number of new undergraduate enrollees has actually plateaued. The is a source of good concern to me.Programs the the nationwide Academy that EngineeringThe altoalsimce.org has started to resolve the short numbers of females in engineering. We created the celebration event of females in design to attract high-level fist to the require to boost the variety of women in engineering. Chaired through the Honorable E. Gail de Planque, one altoalsimce.org member, the Steering Committee for the Celebration focused on two key projects: occurring an inspirational and informational website and convening a national conference on women in engineering. The Steering Committee roster is enclosed here and also below as an Adobe PDF document.The solemn event of women in design website is start its second year. Conceived and developed by altoalsimce.org staff and volunteer committee members, the website is wonderful resource for discovering not only what engineers do, but likewise who engineers are. This website was initially funded with seed money native United innovations Corporation and the at&t Foundation. The next advancement phase will focus on refining our technological capabilities and also increasing the site’s ease of access by girls in middle school. This phase is funded v a five-year approve from a coalition that utility carriers led by southerly Nuclear operating Company. The solemn event website have the right to be discovered on the World vast Web in ~ http://www.altoalsimce.org/cwe.The celebration of females in design Steering Committee spent an ext than a year to plan the Summit on women in Engineering, which was organized on might 17-18, 1999. The Summit brought together 175 of the nation’s leaders from industry, academia, federal and also elected government, professional engineering societies, media, foundations, and education and outreach organizations. This was not a group of the "usual suspects." Rather, the Summit attracted leaders who had actually the ability to do commitments on behalf of your organizations. A participant list and agenda appear in attachment A.We space still cataloguing the results of the Summit, however I have the right to tell you that us were effective in bringing the topic of design workforce diversity to the fist of the people who have actually the most at stake and also the most resources to lug to be affected by each other on the problem. This summer, the altoalsimce.org is widening its program to incorporate other underrepresented minorities in engineering. We are right now creating a collection of programs aimed at diversifying the engineering workforce. One program, a direct an outcome of the Summit on females in Engineering, is the Forum top top the Diversity the the design Workforce. This Forum will store stakeholder attention focused on the issue, and it will create a new mechanism for reporting new initiatives and also gains amongst the chief stakeholders.The solemn event project and the brand-new Forum are examples of the altoalsimce.org’s initiatives to boost the diversity in the design workforce. Admittedly, we might have began sooner. Certainly, us have much to go. We see our duty not together a regimen manager yet as a catalyst, making use of our imprimatur and also convening power to lug legitimacy and also urgency to the issue and also to draw policy-level attention to the solutions. The design workforce diversity programs, under the leadership of Ms. Victoria Friedensen, room a significant programmatic focus for the altoalsimce.org: We have actually spent over $450,000 due to the fact that 1997 on efforts related to females in engineering and expect to rise our budget plan in the next 5 years as we broaden our tasks to encompass underrepresented minorities. Descriptions of our projects appear in postposition B. The driving IssueThe diversity that the engineering workforce is a company imperative. The stamin of this workforce relies on the access of talented, well-educated young people accessible to to fill jobs. The top quality of the work developed by the workforce depends on the variety of perspectives and also life experiences carried to the job by the members. Without diversity, us limit the set of life experience that room applied, and as result, we pay an opportunity cost--a price in commodities not built, in designs no considered, in constraints no understood, and also in procedures not invented. In an short article in the July 9 happiness magazine, titled, "Outperforming the S&P 500," Geoffrey Colvin finish that service providers that are diversifying their workforces space achieving greater rates of productivity, the innovation, and of profit. (3) The reason: Diversity provides a competitive advantage. Very couple of of the companies in Colvin’s list of 50 most varied were design industries.The Nature that the ProblemThere room many problems that should be addressed in order come diversify the workforce in ~ large. Many of those problems will be addressed by others at this and also future hearings. Thus, ns would favor to emphasis my minimal time ~ above one concern that is, if not distinctive to engineering, in ~ least an ext serious for design than some other professions: the incorrect photo that society has of engineering and engineers.Many world do not have a clear idea the what it means to it is in an engineer or that what engineers do. A poll commissioned by the American association of design Societies dubbed engineering the "stealth profession" because so couple of people suggested they knew what design was. (4) once asked to recognize what designers do, a solution was "drive trains." The choices made through young women and underrepresented minorities, as well as by their parents, teachers, counselors, and duty models are affected by this incorrect photo of engineering and also engineers.My favorite definition of what designers do is "design under constraint." What we perform is architecture things come solve person problems. However not any solution will do. The equipment must fulfill constraints that size, weight, power consumption, warmth dissipation, manufacturability, repairability, reliability, safety, ecological impact, ergonomics, and so on. I would make 2 points about this:First, engineering is among the most an innovative occupations ns know. Creating under constraint is as much from the coldly analytical stereotype of design as I deserve to imagine. In countless ways, designers have an ext in usual with sculptors and also composers than through scientists.Second, what engineers do has had actually profound impacts on our top quality of life. If one mirrors on the day-to-day visibility of someone in 1899 and 1999, virtually every one of the differences are due to technology--to what designers have created. If one desires to have a positive impact on individuals lives, engineering is a good career.A recent study of information technology (IT) professionals commissioned by the department of business found that sixth grade student generally identified IT specialists as white male "geeks." (5) This examine tells us that children, that are occurring their internal perspectives of who they deserve to be, space not consisting of engineering since of an untrue or missing image. It may be that adultsparents, teachers, and also counselorsunconsciously disapprove engineering as a career choice for young women based on the mistake notions that only men deserve to be engineers and also that engineering and engineers space boring. Thus, engineering is not available to young women as a job opportunity, and if it is, that is frequently accompanied by an incorrect, dull photo that must be overcome, not just by the aspiring engineer, but also by all those whose photo of an technician does not encompass young women. Transforming this picture is a far-ranging challenge. But, by correcting the image of engineering, design will additionally be much more open to women, underrepresented minorities, and also persons through disabilities.I believe an ext women will certainly enter engineering when they begin to recognize design as a creative, interesting, lucrative career, once they watch it together a means to improve people"s lives. University programs that increase the numbers of available duty models and also the numbers and also effectiveness that mentors and also programs that present the creative, varied side of engineering will open design up to more women and underrepresented minorities. Employers that elevate the prestige of household in the family-work equation, who rise the number of mentors (and train them), and who institutionalize the changes that will breakthrough women v the this firm ladder will uncover not only do more women enter the workforce, but they will stay longer and work more productively.Addressing the image difficulty will require efforts focused both in ~ individuals and groups. If we think the the young engineer as a center allude and that the people approximately her together being farther and also farther eliminated from that center point, then, in raising distance, we check out the adhering to groups:The young ladies who room potential engineers,The friends, spouses, and also families that the engineer,The teachers, counselors, professors, and employers of the engineer,The customers, bankers, and also managers that the engineer, andThe civilization in the engineer’s school, community, town, and also state (i.e., the public).Most programs focus on the technician herself and also are draft to have actually a specific impact top top a details person. These programs carry out something the the engineer may be missing: information, inspiration, support, or assistance. Over there are countless excellent and also adequately funded programs that room supported by the top management of assorted organizations. I have already mentioned a few. At the college and early job-related phases that the engineer’s life, this are certainly the most regular programs offered. Move one action farther away from the engineer herself, and we uncover that program to educate the friends and also families of engineers, your teachers, employers, and fellow citizen are couple of in number. Keep moving farther outside from the engineer, and there room no major attempts to increase awareness of design or to correct the image problem. We room all aware of the rarity of designers presented together interesting, capable people in the print and also broadcast media. Design is rarely discussed in nonengineering curricula. And yet, these are the loci for change.The best help for graduating students and entry-level engineers is provided by programs that sensitize the public to the different strengths and talents that women and also underrepresented minorities carry to the engineering workforce. These programs emphasis on the high quality of life that design provides to every citizens and also on the diverse selection of people and jobs that space a part of that quality of life. Maybe, to match the existing programs, we need to work indigenous the external in.Create public organization announcements (PSA) that use the words "engineering" and also "fun" in the very same sentence.Develop K-12 and also college curricula in i m sorry the engineer--and the engineering--in the great is explicit and not subsumed in the words "science" or "technology."Implement pedagogical techniques that save the educational challenge, and also remove the social hurdles the some, however not all, have to jump over.Promote academic and industry teams the receive consistent training in gender and also ethnic sensitivity.Measure the performance of an elderly managers and also professors against the diversity of the groups they manage.Institutionalize an appreciation for distinctions in perspective.In conclusion, ns would favor to report on some potential ideal practices or new applications that other good practices that have concerned my attention since the Summit on women in Engineering.The culture of Automotive engineers has developed the Johnnie C. Each other Lifetime success Award for women who have not only succeeded in engineering, but have additionally given far-reaching support to their communities. The room of commerce has teamed up through a production agency to create PSAs to address the image of information an innovation workers.The engineering Dean’s the supervisory board of the American society for Engineering education has voted to conduct a nationwide research of faculty retention, concentrated on women and also underrepresented minorities.Smith college is beginning its own engineering school, and also the Rochester academy of technology has renamed its design school the Kate Gleason college of Engineering, two particular opportunities to do the connection in between women and also engineering.The challenge to change the image of design was clearly articulated by the participants at the Summit on women in Engineering. To adjust the picture we mustinsist on lengthy term commitment come diversify the workforce,involve an ext than the simply engineering neighborhood (e.g., educators, media), andtarget not only the potential engineer, but additionally her parents, family, teachers, counselors, friends, and employers.Thank you for the chance to testify today.Attachments to this testimonyAppendix A: Summit on ladies in engineering Participants list (PDF, 47k)Appendix B: programs on the Diversity the the engineering WorkforceSummit on females in design AgendaForum ~ above Diversity in the engineering WorkforceSummit on design Participant ListFootnotes(1) national Science Board. 1998. Science and Engineering Indicators-1998 (NSB-98-1) Arlington, Va: nationwide Science Foundation.(2) National center for education and learning Statistics. 1997. Digest of education Statistics, 1997 (NCES 98-015). Washington, D.C: U.S. Room of Education, Office of education Research and also Improvement.(3) Colvin, G. 1999. "The 50 finest companies for Asians, Blacks, and also Hispanics." luck (July 19, 1999): 53-57.(4) American association of design Societies (AAES). 1998. American Perspectives ~ above Engineers and also Engineering: A Harris poll Pilot Study carried out for AAES. Washington, D.C.: AAES.(5) U.S. Department of Commerce. 1997. The image of the Information an innovation Professions: a Report the the Image and also Information an innovation Professions task Force.

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Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Commerce.