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In our very first Certainty vs Controversy course here at penn State, we debated the list of strange and thought provoking object we’d discuss throughout the semester. One in details caught my attention. Why perform peacocks have such unexplained tail feathers? perhaps it’s due to the fact that my last surname is Peacock and also perhaps it’s because I never ever truly interpreted the concept myself, yet instantly ns was interested and decided to execute some research.

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For centuries, kings, queens and also men of power used peacocks in your clothing and also decoration to represent wealth and also superiority. The nationwide Broadcasting Company, or NBC, began to usage a peacock as a logo design when they started to use color television. Over there is no doubt that a peacock’s most commonly recognized attribute is the blue and green tail feathers through their distinctive eye-spotted design, yet in what way does having actually such large and vibrant feathers work to the birds’ advantage? The answer: “survival that the sexiest”. According to Darwin’s concept of sex-related selection,” nature’s extravagance —like the peacock’s tail—are benefits in the adjustment game” (Tale that the Peacock). Darwin’s theory says that “the peacock tail has slowly evolved due to the fact that the peahen selects beautiful males for mating” (Burgess 1).

Ultimately, the woman peacock, or peahen, is much more attracted come the an ext boisterous looking male of the pack, leave the unfortunate much less beautiful males to little the dust. When the masculine peacock diffusion his tail feather to produce a spectacular fan of blue and green, the illusion of large penetrating eyes room displayed. Not only do these eyes attract mates, however they likewise scare away potential predators, like snakes or huge wild cats. In some unfortunate cases, however, the males’ train the feathers might “become too hefty to lug around” (Tale of the Peacock), leave them fragile to predators.

Regardless that the risks they pose, the masculine peacocks’ tail feathers proceed to impress the the opposite sex, enabling them come reproduce and thrive through Darwin’s theory of sex-related selection. The more extravagant the fan, the more likely a masculine will discover a mate. Accordingly, it is therefore that peacocks have such unusual tail feather and also continue to thrive in the pet kingdom.

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