Summary: chapter 17

As the season begins, part familiar deals with return and also some brand-new faces appear. Mrs. Turner bring her brothers to town, and also Tea Cake, feeling threatened, to win Janie to display that that still controls her. He pampers her afterward, and Janie harbors no okay will towards him. All the guys are envious that his strength over her.

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On Saturdays, workers obtain their pay, and many usage their money to buy liquor. One details Saturday, two males named penis Sterrett and Coode may gain drunk and also walk roughly the city making a ruckus. They finish up at Mrs. Turner’s restaurant, where Tea Cake and his crowd are eating. They gain rowdy and also a fight division out. Tea Cake tries to throw the 2 out and also get top top Mrs. Turner’s an excellent side, however his efforts only command to further havoc. The restaurant it s okay trashed, and also Mrs. Turner gets trampled and injured. She fumes at her husband for passively letting the roustabouts wreck she business.

Summary: chapter 18

They sat in firm with the rather . . . They seemed to be staring at the dark, but their eye were city hall God.

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One day, Janie watch several teams of indigenous Americans departing the Everglades because that Palm Beach. She asks them why they room leaving and also they respond that a hurricane is coming. The news spreads with the settlement and everyone starts watching anxiously. Over the next few days, much more indigenous world leave and animals begin scurrying turn off in the exact same direction. Soon, workers start leaving the town. Although the is readily available a ride to higher ground, Tea Cake decides come stay. Several men who decide to remain gather in ~ Tea Cake’s house, and a party ensues. But as the storm whips up, every one of the males leave for their own residences except a other named motor Boat. That night and also the following day, the storm build in the distance and the large Lake Okechobee begins to roil. The 3 of castle wait the end the storm in the shanty through “their eye . . . The town hall God.”

Tea Cake says that that bets Janie wishes the she had stayed in her large house in Eatonville, but she replies the she doesn’t treatment what wake up as long as they stay together. The goes outside and sees the a serious flood has begun. They decide to flee. They conference up some essential papers and, arms locked against the wind, Tea Cake, Janie, and Motor watercraft head eastern to greater ground.

The 3 look behind them and also see that the Okechobee’s dikes have actually burst and that the lake is putting toward them, crushing every little thing in that path. Lock hurry and also reach one abandoned, tall residence on a tiny hill, whereby they decide to rest. ~ a quick sleep, Janie wakes up and sees the lake relocating closer. She and Tea Cake flee, but Motor watercraft decides to stay in the house. Exhausted, the pair trudge onward, and also the flooding gets so bad that they need to swim good distances. They happen bodies and horrible destruction along the way.

Trying to grab a piece of roofing because that cover, Janie it s okay blown into rough water. She struggles however then watch a cow swim by through a growling dog perched ~ above its back. She take away the cow’s tail for safety, yet the dog starts to strike her. Tea Cake dives to the rescue and wrestles in the water with the beast, who bites the on the cheek prior to he stabs it to death. The following day, Janie and also Tea Cake reach Palm Beach, a step of chaotic destruction. They uncover a ar to rest and also Janie thanks Tea Cake for saving her life.

Analysis: Chapters 17–18

Chapter 17 provides one more glimpse the life in the muck, complicating our expertise of Janie and also Tea Cake’s partnership just prior to the climactic come of the hurricane in chapter 18. Tea Cake’s beating of Janie early on in chapter 17 is one of the many confusing occurrences in the novel. Contemporary readers might be surprised the the beating has actually such tiny effect on Janie. The is tempting come attribute the briefness that Hurston’s treatment of the incident to the much more tolerant attitude toward residential violence that prevailed as soon as Hurston composed Their eyes Were watching God. Janie’s passive accept of the beating, however, relates to the breakthrough of she character.

At this allude in the story, the idea of quiet becomes rather significant. Because Jody’s death, Janie has actually struggled to uncover her voice. Currently that she has found it, she is discovering to regulate it. V Jody, Janie’s silence is a authorize of his domination;now, silence is becoming an important part that Janie’s strength. She chooses when and also when no to speak. In this situation, the is implied that she is ready to sacrifice she body to accomplish Tea Cake’s need for control. Her silence mirrors her strength. She puts up through a beating, simply once, because she feels the she is solid enough to resist it and because its an adverse effects are outweighed by her love for Tea Cake and also the an excellent things that he does because that her.

In many ways, thing 18 is the book’s climax. The battle with the hurricane is the source of the book’s title and also illuminates the central conflict that the novel: Janie’s quasi-religious pursuit to uncover her location in the human being amid confusing, unpredictable, and often threatening forces. Throughout the novel, personalities have activate under the delusion the they can control their environment and secure a place for us in the world. Jody, in particular, demonstrates the folly the this perspective in his attempts come play God. Tea Cake exhibits this folly as well. His ease in the herbal environment—his mastery of the muck, his virtually supernatural skill at gambling—has make him too proud; the feels that the storm is not a threat.

But, that course, the storm humbles all. That is a pressure of pure destruction and chaos; furthermore, it is a force without a conscience or a consciousness. It is random and unfair, a cruel and devastating page of a confound universe. Transparent the novel, comparable forces antagonize Janie: the doctrines to which Nanny, Logan, and also Jody adhere; Mrs. Turner’s racism; the sexism the Eatonville’s men; and the gossip the the porch culture. Like the hurricane, these forces cause Janie pain however lack malicious intent. Janie deserve to never loss them, only bear them and also perhaps survive them.

The episode in which Tea Cake, Janie, and Motor boat wait the end the storm is the most direct example that this conflict. Right here we view the opposition in between individual and also environment described in the starkest terms: humans versus God, Janie and her friends versus nature. The dispute is framed in regards to community. Janie and Tea Cake are joined by Motor boat in your house, and every one of the world in the muck re-publishing in the exact same horrible communion, unified together against a terrifying environment. Community and also intimacy—people bonded with each other by circumstance—are humanity’s refuge against threatening forces.

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Tea Cake and also Janie’s relationship represents the most intimate form of communal bond and also once again, reciprocity is main to their relationship; every helps the various other survive. Their bond represents the can be fried answer come Janie’s spiritual quest. Tea Cake has actually helped her find her voice, and also this voice has permitted her to develop a love based upon reciprocity and also mutual respect. This union allows her to face the storm boldly and survive the storm and also subsequent conflicts.