Do the continent fit together perfectly?

The forms of continents fit together choose a puzzle. Simply look at the east coast of south America and also the west coast of Africa—it’s practically a perfect fit! identical rocks have actually been discovered on different continents. These rocks developed millions of years ago, prior to the continents separated.

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Why perform you think the existing shape that the continents would certainly not fit perfectly into the shape of the supercontinent?

Answer skilled Verified The existing shaped of the continents doesn’t fit anymore because of the transforms in geography and also topography the a continent or place. Among the factors that affect its form are erosion, earthquake, converging that plates and others.

Why isn’t Pangea a perfect fit?

Erosion from water is a big part. Archipelago have damaged off; earthquakes have actually shifted continents; glaciers have formed, mountains have developed by continents being smashed together. That wasn’t a clean cut. It isn’t a perfect fit due to the fact that time has changed the forms of the continents.

Why walk Pangea rest apart because that kids?

The models show how tectonic key motion and also mantle convection forces worked with each other to break apart and also move large land masses. Because that example, Pangaea’s large mass insulated the mantle underneath, leading to mantle operation that prompted the early stage breakup that the supercontinent.

Why carry out the continents not fit perfectly right into a supervisor continent?

Why don’t the present shapes that the continents fit perfectly into a supervisor continent. Answer. Over there are number of reasons because of which the existing shapes of the continents will certainly not to the right perfectly right into a super continent. The key reason deserve to be attributed to erosion and rise and also fall that the water levels.

How did the continents on earth come together?

335 million year ago, every the landmasses on earth were joined together in a solitary supercontinent of Pangaea. Over time, the geological pressures which lugged the continents together at some point caused them come drift apart. Become a member to unlock this answer!

Why execute the continent look choose pieces that puzzle?

So, the continents appear to fit choose pieces the puzzle. The processes of denudation favor weathering, erosion have actually reshaped the landforms. Tectonic occasions have uplifted and also lowered the landforms. Bowl movements have actually resulted in subduction of s crust and upliftment of mountain ranges, for this reason reshaping the landforms.

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Why are the edges of the continents obtaining eroded?

The edges of the continent have acquired eroded due to several organic causes and this has readjusted the forms by a good margin. The water level the the seas and oceans keeps on rising and falling as result of the tides. This never permits the continent to remain in the shape in which they were separated indigenous one another.