Black and also white football balls were first used at the 1970 world Cup in Mexico. Adidas occurred the ‘Telstar’ football ball, which was a high contrast black and white-colored ball that can be checked out more clearly on black and white televisions.

Before the advent of the Adidas Telstar in ~ the 1970 FIFA civilization Cup, soccer balls we’re fully colored white, which made it difficult to check out on televisions at that time.

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Classic black and also white soccer balls


Adidas Tango – 1978

The Adidas Tango soccer ball an initial appeared as the ‘Tango Durlast’ in the 1978 human being Cup in Argentina, and then the Tango España in the 1982 world Cup in Spain.

The Tango was a recently designed sphere that consisted of 20 panels, in addition to a triad style creating the illusion that 7 similar circles.

This triad style seen top top the Tango inspired the design of the world Cup soccer ball for the following 5 civilization Cups.


Adidas Etrusco Unico – 1990

Unveiled at the 1990 world Cup in Italy, the Adidas Etrusco Unico was inspired by Italy’s ancient background and the fine art of the Etruscans. The triad draft ball consisted of 3 lion top in every of the 20 triads.

The Estrusco Unico was also the first fully water-resistant civilization Cup soccer ball.


Adidas Questra – 1994

The Adidas Questra to be the official soccer ball for the 1994 world Cup in the joined States. The round ‘Questra’ was named after an old word definition ‘the pursuit for the stars’, representing the USA’s authorized in space technology.

The Questra came to be the first-ever soccer ball completely wrapped in polystyrene foam. This caused a lot softer touch ~ above the ball and also greater acceleration once kicked.

Modern black and white soccer balls

Today v the advancements in technology, soccer balls have advanced substantially indigenous the classic black and also white soccer balls that the 70s, now produced in a selection of elaborate designs and a mix of colorful colors.

Brands these days continue to salary homage come the icon, by using a contemporary take to the classic black and white soccer ball designs of the past.

Here space some examples of contemporary black and also white soccer balls the are right now or freshly been supplied in the game.

Adidas Telstar 18

The Adidas Telstar 18 soccer ball is a brand-new version the the original Telstar ball, which was an initial seen in 1970. This reimagined Telstar 18 was the official soccer sphere for the 2018 human being Cup hosted in Russia.

The updated style saw the original black and white shade maintained, and the pentagons stretched right into pixelated gradients.

TheballalsoincludesanembeddedNFCchip, i beg your pardon is the very first official enhance ball with an installed chip.

Adidas Teamgeist

Featured in ~ the 2006 world Cup in Germany, the Adidas Teamgeist was designed v 14 bent panels bonded together, resulting in a more rounded shape to perform much more consistently regardless of the edge it is kicked.

Wilson Traditional

The Wilson traditional black and also white soccer sphere pays homage to the standard soccer balls used in the 70s. This soccer ball is designed for the purists, v its above hexagonal and pentagonal black and white pattern.

Nike Strike

The Nike win soccer sphere incorporates a 12 dashboard textured design. The 12 panels are greatly outlined through black bolded lines, break up the large white-colored locations of the ball. This ball has actually been developed with countless accent colors come compliment the black bolded pentagonal lines.

Nike CR7 Prestige

The black and also white Nike CR7 prestige soccer sphere is designed likewise to the strike ball, also manufactured by Nike. Called after Portuguese great, Cristiano Ronaldo, the CR7 Prestige, however, is designed with its 12 pentagonal panels totally outlined through black bolded lines.

Nike Premier organization Merlin

Nike’s Premier league Merlin soccer sphere is the official ball used for the 2019-20 English Premier League. Native a distance, the ball mostly resembles a standard black and white soccer ball of the 70s and 80s, through a splash the racer pink. Having a closer look, however, discover a uniquely designed sphere with high-contrasting graphics.

Why space soccer balls do of hexagons and pentagons?

Soccer balls room made with hexagons and pentagons to create a perfectly spherical shape, fitting together like a puzzle.

Also referred to as a ‘buckyball’, these football balls host their form well and can also help players track the activity of the ball easier throughout a soccer complement due to the black and also white shade used on the ball.

How countless hexagons and also pentagons room on a soccer ball?

There room 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons on a football ball, making up 32 panels in total.

Each 6-sided hexagon is fancy white and also surrounds each 5-sided black pentagon. As a result, nobody of the pentagons touch each other, i m sorry is why the distinct style of the black and white soccer sphere is so quickly recognizable.

How many leather panels does a soccer sphere have?

There space 32 panels on a typical soccer ball according to the soccer’s people governing body, FIFA. Showing up on a football ball dimension 5, 4 and also 3, this 32 panels room hexagonal and also pentagonal shaped and also mostly made of animal leather or man-made leather that is tightly stitched together.

This to be not always the situation as earlier soccer balls included 18 oblong panels laced together, v 6 sections containing 3 stripes each. This older soccer complement balls were comparable in architecture to modern-day volleyball and Gaelic footballs that today.

The evolution of football balls

Back in the day, soccer balls were made in a variety of different ways. This caused several interesting methods offered to construct makeshift balls for gamings that somewhat resemble the game, soccer, together we recognize it today.

Some of these methods included using inflated pig bladders wrapped in leather, stuffing feather in a sphere made from animal skin, and leather-covered wine bottles filled with cork shavings (allowing the round to rise in water).

In 1844, Charles Goodyear patented vulcanized rubber. This soon resulted in the manufacturing of the first rubber football balls in 1855.

Shortly after ~ in 1862, English leatherworker H.J Lindon manufactured the first inflatable soccer ball. This ball contained a rubber bladder which permitted the sphere to much better keep its shape, and also made things much much easier for soccer players as soon as kicking the ball.

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The development of the football ball further continued, and also in 1951 football balls to be died completely white, coming to be the typical style that was widely embraced around the world. A decade later in the 1960s, fabricated materials were embraced in the manufacturing of soccer balls, ensuring balls could much better retain their shape over a longer period.