Brooke and also Paige Hyland were only 13 and 10 year old, respectively, once Dance Moms premiered. After 4 seasons that drama, castle officially stated goodbye to the display — and also it"s pretty easy to see why. Dance Moms is known for the cringeworthy method in i m sorry the mothers behave, yet it"s additionally kind the harsh, because of how teacher Abby Lee müller treats she students. And while just about every young dancer top top Dance Moms acquired their same share of yelling and berating native Miller, Brooke and also Paige it seems to be ~ to have actually gotten an ext than others.

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Since then, though, both Brooke and also Paige have actually gone on come live relatively normal lives, albeit ones with massive society media followings. Still, the Hyland sisters have actually truly get an impressive and changed so much since their time top top the show, and also to see them walk from little girls to young females is nothing brief of remarkable. Here"s a peek.

As any type of fan of Dance Moms knows, the show takes location primarily in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, other than of course when they traveled to competitions, which take it place almost everywhere the country. Also though you can assume that young stars in the making would want to live in new York City or Los Angeles, Pittsburgh still listed a lot of opportunities for the actors of Dance Moms, including Brooke and Paige Hyland.

In an interview v A-List Nation magazine, the oldest Hyland sister described that she felt a feeling of pride for she hometown. "I to be born and raised in Pittsburgh and also absolutely love that city and all of my friends and also family in it," Hyland said. However, she added that she likewise enjoyed gift able to "try new things and explore brand-new places." Still, the Hyland girls space Pittsburgh proud and no issue where your careers and also lives might take them, the will constantly be home.

If friend haven"t to be lucky enough to watch an illustration of the endearing trainwreck that is Dance Moms, you most likely don"t recognize just just how talented those girls were and are. The dances that they performed were pretty unbelievable, especially considering the period of the dancer. Although Brooke and Paige Hyland were adolescents by the moment they premiered on the series, they"ve to be dancing nearly since they can walk.

Dancing is part of the Hyland family members legacy, that seems. In the premiere episode of Dance Moms, Kelly Hyland, Brooke and Paige"s mom, defined that she has actually danced "with Abby due to the fact that I was two and also a half; I have actually danced through her because that 37 years." So as soon as it came time to placed her daughters in dance, there was nowhere else come go. "Brooke has actually been winning awards because she was 6 years old," the dance mommy added. Together for exactly how long Brooke and also Paige have actually been through Miller, they, too, have actually a long history. "We likewise dealt v ... Abby, our dance teacher, due to the fact that we to be two," Brooke described in an interview, adding that Miller"s temper seems to have obtained worse end time.

Thanks to Dance Moms, Brooke and Paige reached a certain level that fame. In fact, Dance Moms pan were sort of excessive while the show was airing, i m sorry left Brooke and also Paige handle l v the darker side of celebrity when they to be still an extremely young.

In an interview with Famous Birthdays, Brooke called a story about a time once she and Paige to be approached through a fan. "We were gaining into our car ... all of a sudden, a fan, choose a mother, just opens up the door ... And gets in the driver"s seat," Brooke revealed. The mrs then inquiry if she can take a picture with the girls. In ~ that, Brooke responded, "Can we, uh, carry out it external the car, favor why are you in the car?" Brooke stated that "were young" and also "it was type of a scary moment," however she can look ago on it currently as a funny, crazy moment.

Although possibly not the entire premise the Dance Moms, the series went a tiny something prefer this: Young girls work tough to achieve their objectives while your mothers acquire into giant blowouts v their dance teacher. However, those fights weren"t always between mom and teacher. Over there are specific scenes in i beg your pardon Abby Lee miller was unstable on her students.

Brooke and Paige Hyland deserve to recall part pretty traumatic moments with Miller. In fact, after the Hyland girl left Dance Moms, Paige filed a lawsuit versus Miller, which claimed that the dance teacher "is payment to it is in abusive and also bulling to she students," follow to The Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, the suit stated that müller "insulted and abused Paige top top an virtually daily basis, consisting of cruel surname calling, insults around Paige"s physics appearance and also making offensive false and also defamatory accusation around Paige"s family." The fit was at some point dismissed, however it"s clear that Brooke and also Paige didn"t precisely enjoy lot of your time with Miller, and as Kelly Hyland defined of your decision to eventually leave, "It just obtained to the allude that it was an unhealthy situation for my family."

As Dance Moms began to take it off and become much more and more popular, every the girls on the display started to get offered more opportunities to development their careers. Because that Brooke Hyland, that meant launching her singing career. Lifetime even featured part of Brooke"s music on the show.

In an interview v Fox 5 ras Vegas, Brooke defined that she hadn"t had any type of real vocal training, yet she sings because, because that one, "my sisters likes listening me." mom Kelly Hyland added that "her sister is her greatest fan." during her singing career, Brooke released number of songs and also music videos, the most notable being "I Hurt," which seemed to be about her suffer on the well-known dance show. Despite Brooke"s music career didn"t specifically land she at the Grammys, it was still sweet to clock the young girl go for what she"s passionate about.

After every the drama, tears, and also screaming matches between Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller, no one was yes, really shocked when Brooke and also Paige Hyland left Dance Moms in 2015. They had actually been on the show for a while, however it was clear they required a break. And also after castle left the show, fans wondered whereby they to be dancing, yet it seems as though they both do dance much less of a priority ~ leaving Dance Moms. and really, who might blame them?

In one interview with International business Times in at an early stage 2015, Paige said that she was acquisition a less serious strategy to dance after leave Miller"s studio. "I dance, however I"m not in a studio ideal now," she explained. "I"m simply taking different classes at various places. Different teachers teach different ways, so it"s nice." Additionally, Paige evidenced to OK! magazine in November 2015 the neither she nor Brooke were "committed" come any details studio post-Dance Moms. "We"re just happy come be relocating on and also moving forward through happy things," Kelly added.

Once Brooke and also Paige Hyland left Dance Moms, it didn"t take lengthy for castle to it is adapted to a semi-normal life again. As soon as they to be on the show, they to be obviously emotion the push to execute for Abby Lee Miller and also have cameras follow them about constantly. Yet after they said goodbye come the lifetime series, the Hyland sister were cost-free to be consistent teenagers.

Their mom, Kelly Hyland, explained that both Brooke and Paige were happy come finally have the ability to do the things they had constantly wanted come do, the things that most youngsters take for granted. "That was among my troubles being on the show," she told OK! magazine. "Having my youngsters do normal activities that children their age do. They wanted to walk to school dances and do that sort of stuff and also they were never ever allowed."

After Paige Hyland claimed goodbye come Dance Moms, the people was her oyster. Without having to train so often for competitions or appear on the show and adhere come a strict filming schedule, Paige had more time to pursue her very own passions, which contained entering right into the modeling world. Back she came to be a natural, she to be nervous when she an initial started.

In a 2015 video for her YouTube channel, Paige interviewed number of Sherri Hill models and also asked because that advice because that newbies like herself. Due to the fact that then, according to E!, Paige walk on to version for Sherri Hill and also other brand while she was still in high school. Additionally, Paige has shared plenty of Instagram picture seemingly mirroring off she modeling an abilities for Sherri Hill. Paige likewise attended new York Fashion Week in 2016 to watch the brand"s show. One day, us may just see she donning the NYFW runway. 

Paige Hyland might no much longer star on a truth television show, yet the young blonde has still completed a lot. She"s not done yet, that course. It appears she desires to go much in life and also get a an excellent education. Yes, like numerous teenagers, Hyland set her eye ~ above the future and also as she"s obtained older, that"s additionally included chasing a college degree.

In 2019, Hyland i graduated from her high school in Pennsylvania and celebrated it through an lover Instagram post. "Oh yes I just graduated high school!" Hyland created alongside a collection of picture of her in a graduation gown hugging her mom and also posing through friends. According to she Twitter bio, Hyland plans come graduate native West Virginia university in 2023, back it"s unclear what her area of focus is. Whatever the case, it"s clear that Hyland has already enjoyed her time in college, together she has posted picture of it s her at sporting events, life the dorm life, and also just enjoying university parties.

As the older Hyland sister, Brooke has set a great example for younger sister Paige. Over the years, Brooke Hyland has obviously grown into a stunning young woman, however she"s likewise got a good head on her shoulders.

In 2019, Brooke i graduated from Ohio University and shared a heartfelt Instagram post around her time in college. "Three years, 2 degrees, and also INFINITE memories," Brooke began. "Thank girlfriend Athens for the ideal chapter yet; offering me not just the ideal of times, yet the ideal of friends. Law life on this bricks is something ns don"t want to ever before stop doing, however cheers come us and to what"s next." according to Brooke"s LinkedIn page, she got her Bachelor"s degree in marketing, management information systems, and business analytics. Her profile likewise states that she was connected in several organizations during her time in ~ school, including a sorority.

Even though Brooke and Paige Hyland left Dance Moms a if ago, the doesn"t typical they space immune to any drama neighboring former cast members. In fact, in may 2020, Brooke Hyland found herself in ~ the facility of a Dance Moms scandal as soon as she posted a nice shady TikTok around Abby Lee Miller.

In the since-deleted video, Brooke can be heard saying, "Facebook telling me I have actually a new friend suggestion," while the camera reflects Miller"s name. Brooke then turns the camera roughly on herself and also shakes she head, make what have the right to only be defined as a complete cringe face. The video clip was sassy, however certainly innocent enough. However, not everyone agreed. An additional former Dance Moms star, Jojo Siwa, said, " It"s one point to simply not include her back. It"s an additional to short article it." Brooke clearly doesn"t have actually a great relationship v Miller post-Dance Moms and this likely additionally made waves in between her and also Siwa.

As Brooke Hyland has gotten older, the previous member that the Abby Lee Dance firm has really and truly changed her life. No only has she gained a university education, made new friends, and traveled everywhere the world, however she also expanded her horizons and also moved somewhere new after she i graduated college.

In an interview v A-List Nation, Hyland revealed that after she graduated early, she assumed she would certainly "be boring if ns moved ago home and every one of my friends were still in school, therefore I began researching potential areas to live." In the end, Hyland cleared up on Los Angeles, California because, together she said, "I have actually spent a most time there prior and made a lot of friends. Also, I could not pass up the weather and also the endless amounts of methods ... ." 

Making the move from Pennsylvania every the means west come La La land couldn"t have actually been easy, however Hyland stated her family members made a road expedition out that it and she loves wherein she"s preferred to live.

Having starred on a reality television show and also possessing a substantial social media following could make some human being less skinny to follow after their very own careers. Yet for Brooke Hyland, she future is miscellaneous she"s passionate about and it requires her to work hard.

Brooke said A-List Nation in January 2020 the although she additionally wants to flourish as one influencer, she likewise has "a permanent job in the fashion/e-commerce industry." even though Brooke"s life may look favor pure sunshine and also rainbows on society media, she needs to put in a most work behind the scenes. Hyland additionally revealed the she wants to move up the ladder at her project sooner fairly than later. "I perform influencer relations and also PR. That is my very first job after college and also my score is to exceed my higher ups" expectations and also hopefully be advocated in the close to future," she said.

You might expect the Brooke and Paige Hyland would drift apart together the years have gone by. After all, they invested a lot the time with each other as kids in dance, so it"s only organic that castle would require their space as they ended up being adults. But, as it turns out, they"ve only gained closer together they"ve get an impression up.

In an interview v Prom Girl, Brooke defined that she and Paige really bonded together they got older. "I feel like when we were younger us were constantly fighting end clothes and also everything," she explained. "But because I went off to college, we"ve end up being a lot closer. We speak all the time and I feel favor that"s very brand-new to me." She continued, saying, "So some of my favourite memories are those heart-to-hearts we have where we catch up top top life, talk about boys, and stuff prefer that."

As Brooke and also Paige have gone v life together — including surviving Abby Lee miller — they"ve learned to skinny on each various other when require be, as evidenced by their plenty of (and adorable) social media short articles together.

Brooke and also Paige Hyland"s Dance Moms work are much behind them, but the sisters haven"t let your dramatic exit from the show completely ruin their love of dance, have they? even though they may not run professionally or competitively anymore, the Hyland girl may view dance in their future — in some method at least.

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"Our score is to have a dance environment that is not only elite training yet is a really positive, nurturing environment," Paige claimed of one day opening a dance studio as soon as speaking to International business Times . "Everyone always asks me just how I perform all my tricks. Ns hope to teach everyone every one of my secrets," Brooke said. "My family have all danced our totality lives for this reason it only seems organic to continue with dance." only time will tell if the young women perform go top top to open a studio, yet we"d be into knowing those secrets.