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Suddenly, your guinea pig drink a the majority of water is coming to be a problem, and also you don’t even know if it is something to be concerned about.

Is over there something to worry about?

How much water should my guinea pig drink in a day?

All these questions are of great concern if you’re petting guinea pigs in your home.

Well, water is vital for every living beings, and also the very same goes for the guinea pigs, yet too much water have the right to be harmful in ~ times.

There have the right to be various reasons because that guinea pigs drinking a most water, favor in summer as result of scorching weather, guinea pigs may drink more water 보다 average, or occasionally intense shedding additionally results in the enhanced thirst.

Sometimes, they can be in pain or have health issues like kidney troubles or diabetes causing excess water drinking.


Why Is mine Guinea Pig drink A lot of Water?How lot Water Guinea Pigs NeedWhy Is mine Guinea Pig drinking A most Water?Change In DietDiabetes

Why Is my Guinea Pig drinking A lot of Water?

This article will discuss how much water guinea pigs need, the factors for extreme water consumption, and also treatment because that that.

How lot Water Guinea Pigs Need

As we all know, water is vital for every living beings, specifically for furry animals.

It’s critical to replenish freshwater continuous to save your guinea pig hydrated and healthy as water is offered in plenty of bodily functions like regulating the body’s temperature, digesting food, excreting wastes, lubricating joints, etc.

And friend surely don’t desire your piggy come miss any kind of of this activities.

The required amount of water entry is far-ranging for guinea pigs together they must flush out excess calcium from your system since it develops stones or grit if continued to be in their system, which leads to kidney problems.

In common circumstances, guinea pigs consume 80–100 ml of water every job (3.3 ounces/2.2 pounds) relying on their size, diet, age, and task level.

However, it deserve to vary with weather alters like humidity, temperature, etc.

Water intake may also change during pregnancy or lactation.

Other than that, if guinea pig drinks too much water or too little water all of a sudden, climate it is alarming and also calls for veterinary care.

Guinea pigs can not live more than a day without water yet drinking too much water have the right to indicate part illness.

As a proper amount that water input is significant for guinea pigs, you have to be really careful around giving her guinea pig water.

Tips For her Guinea Pig

By adhering to the below tips mentioned, you have the right to keep your guinea pig healthy, safe, and alive for more time.

Don’t include anything in their water, i.e., street or saltGive guinea pigs water in an turning back water bottle as it’s complicated for them come drink from a bowlDon’t add any supplements or vitamins to the waterPlease don’t offer them distilled water

Is the Harmful If Guinea Pig drinks A lot of Water?

To recognize if your guinea pig is in a an essential state while drinking too much water, you must monitor that is water entry pattern.

When monitoring guinea pig’s water intake, world compare water intake among two guinea pigs.

Let’s speak if one guinea pig drink 85 ml that water every day and also the various other drinks 100 ml every day, and then as per comparison, one guinea pig drinks less water, or the other one drinks more.

I’m afraid that’s not ideal as water intake varies from one guinea pig to another.

What needs to be noted is the if guinea pigs started drinking excess water all of a sudden.

If her guinea pig is drinking more water from work one or less water from day one, it’s no the thing to issue about.

This type of extreme drinking water is alarming due to the fact that it can be the outcome of some diseases.

The complying with should be your concerns concerning excess water usage in guinea pigs.

Their pen can be very hot if it’s in direct call with sunshine or is placed in warm spots.

They can be in pain, and also to conquer that state, and they’re drinking much more water.

They might be experiencing from any disease like diabetes, kidney failure, etc.

Hence, it’s critical to screen the water input of your guinea pig carefully.


Drinking extreme water or having extreme thirst is named polydipsia.

Polydipsia is among the diseases in i m sorry a human or pet has an abnormally great thirst, which might or might not it is in the symptom of any kind of other illness.

Polydipsia or excessive thirst itself is no worrisome due to some other health condition than your guinea pigs need veterinary treatment at once.

So it’s an essential to monitor her guinea pigs and look for the indicators of polydipsia.

Apart native polydipsia, there could be many other factors why guinea pigs began drinking more water.

As debated earlier, too much size thirsty in guinea pigs is very harmful and may command to fatality if not carefully monitored, and it’s equally important to know the real trouble that leads to excessive thirst.

Why Is mine Guinea Pig drinking A most Water?

The straight answer to this concern is in the below-mentioned sections of why guinea pigs drink a many water.

There, let’s take it a watch at few of the problems that reason your guinea pig to drink a many water.

Change In Diet

One the the main reasons for guinea pigs drinking too much water could be the change in diet.

Guinea pigs belong come the family members of herbivores rodents, which means that they can only eat plants.

It’s critical to provide guinea pigs a suitable diet together improper or too much diet may lead to plenty of problems causing death.

Factors You should Keep In Mind

When presenting a new food, always start slow and increase progressively over the week as sudden readjust may bring about digestive worries or boosted water intake.

Giving your guinea pig overfill salt leader to dehydration resulting in extreme thirst as the salt absorbs every the water indigenous the cells, bring about dehydration.

While providing commercial guinea pig food, don’t forget to check out guidelines carefully; together food products may additionally lead to extreme thirst.

If you readjust your guinea pig’s diet to food that contains fewer vegetables or greens, that may increase the water intake together they gain a substantial amount of water from vegetables and also greens.

80% of their food must be an excellent quality grass or hay together it’s far-reaching for their digestive system and also teeth and provide water.

Other 보다 that, any kind of changes in the diet caused troubles leading to too much drinking.

Dehydration and also Overheating

Summer heat is always intolerant for furry animals, and also a increase in temperature provides them feel uncomfortable.

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As guinea pigs have actually a thick fur coat, summer heat tends to overheat them much more quickly than other animals.