Ch-ch-ch-changes — that wasthe template of Thursday’sChicago MedSeason 2 premiere, i beg your pardon featured brand-new job titles, bosses or paramours for numerous of the docs.

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Let’s review who acquired it on, who obtained scolded and also who gained a fresh start:

CONNOR | the gets off on the dorn foot through his brand-new supervisor Dr. Latham, who bluntly asks Connor if he eliminated Dr. Downey. It it s okay worse: Dr. Latham reveals that the young doc wasn’t his very first choice for the fellowship. Then it it s okay really bad. As soon as Connor concerns his boss throughout surgery, Dr. Latham yells at him in the middle of the operation room together the remainder of the employee stares in shock. Despite that outburst, Dr. Latham plainly says, “I’m not upset.” Connor looks easy to understand confused. Methinks Dr. Charles could be the an essential to figuring out what’s walking on through Dr. Latham.

WILL | Attending physicians have actually to carry out their own malpractice insurance, which is going to expense Will a pretty penny after last season’s lawsuit. His brand-new title likewise comes with an additional problem: med student Jeff Clarke, who’s a little too eager to jump right into action. The attending is forced to berate the newbie for not following the rules. “It’s because that his own good. I understand what happens as soon as you don’t monitor protocol. It’s not personal,” will insists come Maggie. Suuuure.

NATALIE | one of the registered nurses calls Natalie an ice cream princess – hmmm, i never got that impression from the character last season – i beg your pardon prompts her to questioning Jeff if she comes across as rigid. Cue reminiscing and laughing around their crazy previous as will looks on. You know what’s no rigid or ice cream princess-y? The way Natalie happy accepts Jeff’s invite to come ago to his ar for a nightcap. You can tell she’s surprised through just exactly how much she desires it.

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ETHAN | It’s only his first day together chief resident, however Ethan already has ideas around improving circulation in the emergency department. Maggie just nods at the doc, prior to whispering to Goodwin, “I hate killing your dreams.” Needless come say, his excellent idea falls apart prior to the work is also over.

SARAH | Dr. Charles viewpoints Sarah in ~ her brand-new barista gig about a psych residency, yet she’s hesitant to expropriate the position. After a psychological run through Dr. Charles, buy it realizes that by combining she clinical expertise with psychology, she deserve to really aid people. Unrelated: She’s still going solid with the pathology boyfriend.

APRIL | The nurse’s TB is latent, but she’s keeping Tate and his boy at arm’s length. “I just don’t feel clean,” she speak Will. After a patient’s instance hits close come home, April lastly agrees to have actually dinner with her beau.

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GOODWIN | with her hubby officially gone, Goodwin cleans out his desk in an attempt to relocate on.

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