The an initial rumors around Swoosie Kurtz‘s struggles with eating disorders began to emerge sometime approximately 2013.

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Several fans have taken to Twitter to raise concerns about the legendary actress’s weight over the years. Here’s what we know around Swoosie Kurtz’s potential health issues.

Swoosie’s load has concerned fans for quite some time now.

Some believe that it can be the result of a chronic wellness problem. Others argue that the star that Call Me Kat, Man through a Plan, and The Dangerous publication for guys could it is in struggling through an eat disorder such together anorexia nervosa.

But Swoosie rarely talks about an individual matters such together health worries in interviews. It’s uncertain if she is facing any difficulties in ~ present.


With symptoms ranging from hair ns to dried skin and also feeling lightheaded, anorexia nervosa can influence people nevertheless of period or gender.

Most human being with the problem tend to consume less food 보다 their everyday reference intake, i m sorry can an outcome in rapid weight loss. Intense fear of obtaining weight or coming to be overweight is likewise common, per the diagnostic guidelines released by the National center for Biotechnology Information.

Swoosie hasn’t talked about similar problems.

There’s a chance that the star just happens to it is in thin. But her fans worry regardless.

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“Oh dear, Swoosie Kurtz is dramatically thin. She watch ill, anorexia or something an extremely wasting. I hope she’s OK. #MikeandMolly,” tweeted
decobroad in September 2013.

“Is it simply me, or walk Swoosie Kurtz look very thin? Looks type of painful. Hoping she is healthy. Love Mike & Molly!” wrote