Epona the Horse

The very first step to obtaining Epona is come visit the Lon Lon Ranch as young Link. Get in the big horse pen to uncover Malon stand inside with a steed near by. Speak come Malon and also she will present you to the horse standing next to her – Epona. Epona will run away yet speak to Malon a couple more times and she will market to teach girlfriend a brand-new song for her Fairy Ocarina called Epona’s Song. Pull out your Fairy Ocarina to discover the song. This track can reason cows to give you milk as soon as they are close to by and also if you have actually empty room in her Bottle.

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As Adult Link

Note: girlfriend cannot continue to the next step until you have derived Epona’s tune as young Link. If you did no visit Lon Lon Ranch to achieve the track you have the right to return to the ranch as young Link afterwards in the game, specifically, after ~ you have actually completed the forest Temple.

Return to Lon Lon Ranch as adult Link. This part of the quest have the right to be completed as soon as link transforms into an adult. You need to go into the ranch throughout the daytime – use the Sun’s track to rate the i of time if required.



Malon deserve to be found working in the stables. She will describe that Ganondorf has actually ruined many of the places about the Castle and also that human being have fled in order come escape. She will additionally explain that Mr. Ingo is now in regulate of Lon Lon Ranch and also is using the ranch to acquire favor with the King that Evil.

Head out to the main horse pen in the facility of the ranch and speak to Mr. Ingo in front of the gates. The will market to let you ride one of the horses for 10 Rupees. Expropriate his offer and also he will define how to ride a horse if girlfriend ask. The controls are an easy enough:

- push the A Button near a horse to mountain it - The manage stick is supplied to do it run - press the A Button while an installed to insanity the horse with the whip, leading to it to temporarily rate up - You have to speed up when approaching a fence in order for the steed to appropriately jump - push the A Button when completely stopped to gain off the horse - every time girlfriend tap the equine with the whip a “Carrot” will certainly be used; be careful not to totally deplete the Carrot meter or it will take much longer to refill

Enter the equine pen and also play Epona’s tune to prevent Epona from running away indigenous you as soon as you strategy her. Mountain Epona and ride her over to Ingo and speak to Ingo while mounted (use Z Targeting to target Ingo when mounted). Ingo will market to allow you to race him because that 50 Rupees.


The first race is reasonably easy. Be sure to reduced the corners as very closely as you can and use up all however one of her Carrots and also then let the meter recharge. Difficulty Ingo come a 2nd race ~ the first. The second race is lot harder.

The same simple principles use – use up her Carrots together they recharge yet be sure never to usage them every completely. Hug the corners the same way that you did before and also cut Ingo off whenever girlfriend can. The mechanics of every of the equines will not permit them to go v one another. Girlfriend should additionally begin the race by tapping the A Button to usage a Carrot at an early stage in the race to gain off to a quick start.

Ingo will keep his promise in ~ the finish of the gyeongju to permit you to store Epona, yet he will certainly lock the gates to the ranch trapping Link and Epona inside. There space two ways to escape – you deserve to jump over the gate resulting in the entrance or approach one the the big fences ~ above the west or eastern side of Lon Lon Ranch and also jump over them out into Hyrule Field.

You can now use Epona’s Song almost everywhere in Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia or the Gerudo valley to call Epona to your side. Traveling on horseback is a much faster method to get approximately from place to location and there room a number of additional side quests that deserve to be completed through Epona.

There is one last job that friend can finish at Lon Lon Ranch. Return to the ranch during the daytime and while speak Epona. Speak come Malon who can now be uncovered out near the steed pen. The an initial time you speak to her she will thank you because that rescuing the ranch from Mr. Ingo. Speak to she one an ext time (while talk Epona) and she will sell to let you attempt an obstacle course.

The obstacle course is consisted of of a variety of fences follow me the race track the Link and Epona have to jump over. Make sure that you use a Carrot (pressing the A Button) together you technique each fence. The bigger the fence the much more time the Link and Epona will must properly get up to speed. The video below may provide some assistance with identifying where and also when to usage the increases from the Carrots.

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The price for properly completing the obstacle food is a bit of one odd one – Malon will point out that the is too big to give to link right now and also to check out his residence in the Kokiri Forest. The reward is in reality a Lon Lon Cow. This is a pretty lackluster reward, yet when girlfriend reset her game and return come Link’s house it does administer you through an chance to fill up any type of of her empty Bottles through some Lon Lon Milk.